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CIAC or CPO - virtualizing a cloud essentially. So businesses buy this and then they can almost as simply as drag and drop storage, servers, networking, and Cisco will set all of this up for them.

What kind of app might we want to do this with? - Ideally, self contained applications. 

Assume that everything’s happening within an enterprise, so security falls away. - So imagine everyone at the RTP campus is working with an app that is currently hosted in the San Jose Cloud, well just send an instance over to host at RTP. 

(security, trust, identity, you assume you have)

1. Rockwell automation specific data. 
2. Slugging
	-Identify load 
	-spin up VM
	-slug the app
	-caching high frequency accessed data 
3. heirarchical fog 

ERP/SCM/HRM (all control everything that goes on) 



Show me ideas for sensor stuff in oil and gas. 

Send him everything that I have, and include what he needs to send me. 

funding from Cisco for senior project. Mainly just resources. 





A day in the life use case . Have him send me it.