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Things to do to get the paper out: 

Read through paper, make edits. (done 1x). Done 1x with Hazim on first half too. 
Make diagrams. For creating the charts: (done)
Diagrams: SSL Termination point being in the Fog, Unicast to multicast, simpler version of enterprise diagram that I made, virtualization in Fog for enterprises. 
Load balancing between and within layers. (make a diagram) 
Make diagram for the dynamic applications. 
Make a unique icon for a Fog device. 

Need to: 
mention read only database (done)
Security problems (not mentioning enough about it): the verification of identify of Fog Servers. Data privacy, regional concerns. Maybe say 5 or 6 	things that need to be solved on this in order to make this model possible. (pretty much done)
Read about Seamless cloud. Inter cloud? Combine terminology with seamless Cloud. (done) Seamless cloud is similar, but it’s for manual control 	of Cloud applications, and doesn’t talk at all about close to the network edge.
Consider splitting up by MVC framework. (done)
Look at ACE (internal Cisco stuff)
Make note of “shard” (done). 
Graceful failure. Look at the term. (done)
Prioritize users. (decided not to do)
Maybe make a mention of the reverse proxy stuff. (look into doing this more…?) 
Look at “cloud connectors” (eh, I really don’t get it) 
Stream based and delta level techniques. These are optimizations. (done)
Could look at what Australia and new zealand is doing on this (should look into this more) 
Google gears vs HTML5? (offered offline Gmail) 
NAP? What is that. (couldn’t find)

Possible things: 

Mention LinkedIn’s PoP usage. 
Real Time Video / Gaming:
	-The distribution of Fog Computing is what helps with this? Say two people on the East coast are Video Chatting/gaming, rather than routing packets through a Data Center in California, a Fog Computer in Virginia could be used. 
	-Skype behaved very similarly to how Fog computing would behave. They have super nodes which are Skype clients with sufficient CPU, Memory, and Bandwidth to act as relays for checking if users are online, not for routing traffic (routing is done via P2P). 
What are things that were impossible due to excessive/uncontrollable latency? 
What are physical/geographical events that require time sensitive feedback?
Home IoE? 
SPDY Encryption ( 
CDN Federation
Distributed Computing (Facebook):

Post notes: 
Publication: Bill Dry (technical editor/writer)