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Peer business: I reached out to one individual last week, but he hasn’t had time for a meeting until this Friday (still uncertain) and another individual on Wednesday, but haven’t received any response. This may be due to a lack of understanding on my part on how people get ahold of each other at Cisco. Do I need to be more assertive (phone call, ping, schedule meeting with my intro email, etc)?

Waiting: I really want to get included on some SDN/Big Data/IoE work, so it’s been difficult to wait for someone to have time. Of course I understand that they’re all very busy.

Resource availability: My original source for Cisco Networking Academy studying became unavailable to me, so I had to find a good alternative. Fortunately, I’ve found one that’s at least a sufficient replacement.

Created and documented steps for creating framework for customizing execution of onePK scripts with a simple GUI interface in a web browser using Apache2, and Python CGI scripts. Should be easily reproducible with guide and highly malleable.

While waiting on my two SDN/Big Data/IoE individuals, I’ve

Worked on my 4th goal: completing basic CCNA training to assist my usefulness to Cisco during my internship.

4,000 word and growing document, explaining networking terms I’ve learned in simple language with examples, in my own words. I’ve been considering tidying the document up, and giving it to Cisco to give future interns/new hires as a reference.

Reached out to my neighbor, Jim Bailey, asking for advice on what to do regarding my two SDN/Big Data/IoE individuals not responding. He said he was with a customer yesterday, but I should be able to get some assistance from him today (Friday)