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Notes on MATE BI meeting

Vikram said (missed which customer this was about, Verizon/AT&T?):
	Rob said the ship date was this Friday. 
	Trying to figure out a definite ship date. 
	“If you want it, then here’s how we deliver it to you. And if you don’t want it, we’ll walk away.” 

Matt Lewis: 
	Prospects: Bank of America managed services deal. They wanted modeling. Seemed like what they wanted was modeling as a service or BI. The deal has been bought, but we need to implement it. Had been managed by HP for the last 10 years, but BofA grew unpleased. Announced last week. Has to be fully operational by 8/22/14. 
	Also had followup with Bell Canada. Call with them next week. They reached out in response to Cisco Live BI booth.