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Notes for using Cariden MATE

For figuring out the most highly utilized interface, you can just sort the Util Sim column (this is percentage of the capacity being used).

You can also break down a given demand based on “Service”, which can be either “phone” or “internet”.

When editing a demand, what is the growth percent?

Remember: A demand is “how much traffic wants to go from node A to node B” independent of path, and the path is determined based on other factors which I suppose are inputted into the simulation.

To get a better break down of a given demand, you go to the demands tab and then you can right click on a row and click “demand plot”, which will give you a break down of how that specific traffic is flowing between specific routers inside each of the sites.

Alter amount of a certain type of service (like “Voice” or “Internet”) by filtering first (drop down at the top of the table window), then selecting all of those and then pressing “modify demand traffic”

SRLG stands for (shared risk link group), which is a group of objects that would likely fail due to a common cause. That is, if one goes down they’re all going to be going down.

You can go to “tools->simulation analysis” to get a way to show the tool that allows you to automatically figure out what the worst case scenario is given a setup. So you just run the simulation based on what you want it to attempt to fail (all circuits, nodes, etc). At the top left you can change if it’s showing “worst case traffic” or other.

You can also select “Failure Impact” from the top left menu, which is a bit of a confusing view but essentially it recolors everything to be: “if this node/circuit were to fail, some other place in the network would have this level of utilization”. So if a given interface is purple in this view, it means that if you killed that interface you’d have over 100% utilization somewhere in the network.