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Please describe your business in 140 characters or less. 
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In more detail, what will your company do or make? What's new, interesting, or different about what your company will do? 
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The 6-year graduation rate is only 55%. We’re different because we're helping more students graduate on time by giving them tools to plan a schedule that can satisfy more graduation requirements, as well as get seats in courses that they need to take in order to graduate. We’re the first company that has offered a user friendly solution that’s highly customized to each school. For instance, no other product in our space (myEdu, courseoff, koofers, etc.) supports searching for classes by general education requirement, and most don’t even have a course description listed for each class.

Please tell us about each founder and their role. 
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Explain how you met and how long you've been working together. 
We met at a physics and math summer camp in North Carolina in 2010. We were both in high school at the time, and became good friends while working on physics projects together. We started working on Coursicle in its first instance in 2013, when it was called “UNC Class Finder”. 

Explain how the company will make money. 
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Please provide information on current or likely competitors. Include key differentiators. Please include URLs. 
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What are some things that the team (or its members) have built in the past? Please include URLs. 
6tracker (featured on Engadget, BGR, and some other tech news sites). 
NFC Android stove app (companion app for Ugandan non-profit). (scrapes data from Apple’s movie trailer site). (small tool for students).

Why should we choose your company? 
First, we address a serious pain point that has been afflicting college students ever since course registration moved online. Thus, an effective solution, which we strive to create, has the potential to positively impact higher education nationwide. Second, having experienced this pain ourselves and having developed our solution while surrounded by college students, we have been able to address the pain point very well. This has resulted in high engagement and dedication from our users; existing students share our products with incoming freshmen and spend on average 28 minutes on the sites every time they visit.

Please describe current progress or traction. Include customers, user metrics, revenue, or any other indicators of progress. 
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What is your next hire or addition to the team, and how will you find them? 
Most likely our next hire will be a marketing person to help drive our user adoption at each of the schools we expand to. Ideally, they’d also be able to pour over our analytics and indicate what features/marketing has been working best. We have met with a few individuals in the UNC school of Media and Journalism who may be able to point us to some good people.

What keeps you up at night? 
We’re most concerned about seasonality. Our course search and scheduling product is only relevant to students for about 4 months each year at a given school, and our notification product is only relevant 8 months of each year. Growing quickly with an inherently seasonal product can be difficult, as we may have to wait months before being able to analyze the response to a new feature or marketing material and iterate based on the results.

What's been the biggest surprise thus far in working on your company? 

Why are you applying to this Program and what do you want to achieve by going through the Program?
We’re applying because we’d like to be in a program which has education as one of its focus verticals this summer. By working with mentors and fellow founders, we hope to refine our process for marketing and launching at a school to get our initial student adoption to be >10% after the first registration period. We also hope to test out our revenue model ideas and determine which one is likely to be the most fruitful.

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