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Meeting with Rodolfo, Russ, and Hazim

His Paper: 

	As I knew, they focus on how Fog will enable IoT. 

	You really introduce Fog in your paper, by saying “that it enables new applications”, and my 	paper is simply one application (specifically to existing web applications). 

	Your paper contains the essential idea in the second half of my paper. Mine simply explains 	technically how one might structure it. 

His Chapter: 
	Also details what I’ve said in the second half of my paper. 

	Talks about multi tenanted Fog, so essentially the idea of having extra apps closer to the ground. 

	6.3 is interesting. So is 6.4. 

My paper: 

	Ultimately attempts to use Fog to remedy problems of the public Internet. 

	The workflow is a) Cloud determines geographic hotspots, then tries to find a Fog server between it and the hotspot and tries to virtualize its application on that device. Or you have b). where Fog servers start this process. 

	Detail how it could be done with static content (like images, most webpages, etc). How it could be done with static applications (namely applications with read-only databases). How it could be done with dynamic applications (applications that require centralization). 

	The end of my paper has already been discussed to a decent extent, but I give a specific framework for implementation.