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Coursicle ( 
(919) 259-2136
Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 
Growth Stage Company. 
Please give us a brief description of your activities and/or organization.
We have developed a course search engine which allows college students to very easily browse through their university's classes and plan their course schedule. We also run a popular sister service which notifies students when a class they want to get into has an available seat. We've had over 16,000 users and just last month we expanded from 5 schools to over 100.
Please tell us what problem your product or service solves.
Almost every college provides slow, unintuitive, and ugly online systems for course registration that haven't been improved or altered in decades. These systems are a huge source of stress and frustration for students as they're forced to use paper and pencil or Excel to plan their schedule. We alleviate this pain by making the browsing and planning process easy.

Moreover, across many universities, getting into the classes one wants to take is a major challenge. If a student doesn't get into a class, their only recourse is manually refreshing a webpage over the course of months, waiting to see if a student has dropped that class. We automate that process for them. 
What are the two things you need most right now to achieve your goals?
We need assistance from experienced entrepreneurs who can give guidance on taking our user count from 20K to 300K and funding to enable us to continue working on Coursicle after we both graduate college in May. 
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