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Overview of Accomplishments/Major Developments: 
	•	Go-To-Market testing 
	•	Revenue: networking/making partnership contacts
	•	Launching Notify scalably across 60 schools 
	•	MyEdu - biggest competitor is shutting down in Sep
	•	$2000 in bank from Elon University development

5 years - growth trajectory - even a sketch 
Investors will cut it into half 
Sweet spot # of users 
A lot of pushback on revenue - focus pitch on users 
Rough growth modeling on revenue side and user side 
Investor deck  - she’ll poke holes in it
Send the tight deck 
Ability to turn new features on quickly
We’re actually in action, there is demand 

	•	Brad Holliday is interested. Has been asking for updates. 
	•	John Pregulman is interested. Has asked for a follow-up meeting. 

Product Development: 
	•	Wrote parallelization code to make Coursicle Notify capable of functioning on 100’s of schools. Tested thoroughly, can check 500 classes in 10 seconds on existing hardware. 
	•	Integrated existing services ( into Coursicle, to assist pagerank and encourage existing user base to share with new users

	•	Focusing on on-boarding freshmen - they are registering over the summer - only ones for whom our entire service is applicable 
	•	Also advertising to sophomores for notify feature
	•	Noticed students signing up for Coursicle Notify service were sharing it with their friends (sign-up patterns)

	•	Email Marketing. 
	◦	Schedule maker: CTR’s of 15-25%. Conversion of ~70%. 
	◦	Notify: CTR’s of 6-9%. Conversion of 66%. 
	◦	Our core marketing strategy - speaking to Freenters, who spoke to 
	◦	Important shift in our strategy: 
	▪	Segment emails as finely as possible by scraping GroupMe member lists, Facebook member lists, Facebook posts about freshmen orientations 
	▪	Send emails within day or two of freshmen orientation 

	•	GroupMe Posts 
	◦	Notify: CTR 54%. Conversion of 14%. 
	◦	Students creating groupme’s - we haven’t seen this in the past 
	◦	Benefits of posting in groupme’s
	▪	Finely segmented 
	▪	Not over-run by spam 
	▪	Small 
	◦	Also testing creating our own groupme’s for colleges who aren’t creating them
	•	Facebook Group Posts 
	◦	Not as effective as we previously thought. 
	◦	University Primetime is also cracking down more than usual 
	◦	~$20-40/post - not worth it, because we don’t get that many click throughs, and those groups are already run-over by spam 
	•	Facebook Ads 
	◦	Ran test at UNCW - school which we were getting good conversions at - 11 website clicks for $24
	◦	Doesn’t look effective
	•	Twitter/Instagram Automated Liking 
	◦	Have been testing out manual Twitter liking, but hasn’t yielded much traffic / following. 
	◦	Will now try manual Instagram liking/following to see if that is worth the investment of automation. 
	•	Reddit Posts 
	◦	Notify: 2% conversion
	◦	Notify: 200 sessions from 5-6 posts, high upvotes keeps the posts up high, trying to get the word out, impressions
	•	Mindsumo Emailing
	◦	Automated messaging on Mindsumo (which results in user receiving an email) in an attempt to market Notify to specific class of students at Clemson University. Very low CTR. May want to try again on another school. 

Revenue & Partnerships:
	•	Freenters
	•	Cramfighter (Boston Startup)
	•	B&A solutions: were interested in partnership. 
	•	ULoop 
	•	Elon Sale
	•	Prepping for textbook launch at UNC and other schools this Fall
	◦	Run some quantitative tests
	◦	>$1000 on Amazon, 2 weeks
	•	Run one or two more tests 

Estimated projections for textbooks based on 2 week test: 
3.9% click through 
54% of those who click through buy their textbooks 
1200*.08 / student / year 

Student = $96/yr 

$181,958 / school 
$6 million for 100 schools, if we achieve 1/3rd UNC adoption at those schools