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By August 1st,  I will shadow someone working with or work directly with each of the following topics through distinct projects or combined in a/some project(s)
SDN (specifically dynamic/programmatic QoS or routing based on network conditions) – [Yenu Goben, Jason Davis, Tom Kunath]
Big Data – [JasonDavis]
IoE – [Yenu Goben, Hazim Dahir]
I will attend at minimum 1 meeting per week, preferably 2-3 to stay involved with the surrounding teams’ work. 
If I find myself desiring a new kind of work, I will persevere for a full business week, and if the desire persists, I will take the necessary action to start on new work. 
I will complete the Cisco Networking Academy course by the end of my internship, so that I have a solid understanding of networking fundamentals. 
I will create a 5-10 slide presentation of what I’ve learned in SDN, Big Data, and IoE at the end of the summer. Including what I created, end goal, setup overview, challenges faced, and what I contributed.