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	•	Important aspects about a workspace: 
	◦	Has open seating
	◦	Has outlets
	◦	Has decent WiFi (flexible)
	◦	Can loiter
	◦	Should be open from at least 10am to 6pm
	◦	Also need to consider: restrooms nearby. 
	▪	Notes about CapitalOne: 
	◦	A bit far, but good climate control and good atmosphere. Definitely could work here. 
	◦	Does appear to allow dogs (have seen at least one dog in the basement).
	◦	Biggest downside: the internet. It's slow, like slower than old home internet slow. May be variable though. 	
	◦	Outlets are very available.
	◦	3.2/4
	▪	Notes about Another Cafe: 
	◦	They may care more about you working there all day every day. 
	◦	Probably not really. 
	◦	Really close. Very nice work atmosphere. 
	◦	Does allow dogs.
	◦	You're not guaranteed a seat there like you are at CapitalOne. 
	◦	Gets pretty hot upstairs
	◦	Outlets are actually everywhere. All along each of the upstairs areas, and at each of the two big tables downstairs. 
	◦	There may be some along the downstairs area as well. 
	◦	Password doesn't change: another password
	◦	WiFi is very good, 15ms ping, 13mbps down. Could go down a bit during the day but not by much. 
	◦	3.9/4
	▪	Notes about Laundry Mat Cafe downstairs:
	◦	Insanely close. Pretty good work atmosphere actually. 
	◦	Will probably always have open seating. 
	◦	Has outlets available, 5 that are all clustered, possibly more in the other tables. They have like 14 seats at least, and they're probably almost always empty. 
	◦	Has WiFi, password is posted at the front door each month. 
	◦	WiFi speed is actually very good, not quite home but very good. This is unlikely to change day to day. 
	◦	If we got something here, they'd probably let us stay all day. Could get two things a day. 
	◦	3.5/4
	•	Cafe Bean
	◦	Very close. Nice work atmosphere. 
	◦	Was completely dead when I walked in, though. So not that many people most likely. 
	◦	No outlets available. 
	◦	Has WiFi, probably pretty good. 
	◦	Loitering probably isn't an option. 
	◦	Plenty of open seating, but that's not always good.
	◦	2/4
	▪	Joy's Place
	◦	Very close. Nice work atmosphere. 
	◦	Was almost completely dead when I walked in, but people started coming in.
	◦	Plenty of seating. 
	◦	Has outlets available. 
	◦	Has WiFi, posted on wall 
	◦	Has note that seating is for paying customers. 
	◦	WiFi speed is very good when connecting to the other network. Like 20mbps. 
	◦	Connecting to Joy'splace rather than Joy'splace2 was much faster. 
	◦	Could probably stay here all day if bought one or two things. 
	◦	As of Aug 2019: super strict assholes. Make you pay to sit down basically. Minimum PER PERSON order to sit. Password printed on receipt, not sure if it changes: aboutfish585. Bathroom: 123456#
	◦	3.5/4
	▪	Cafe La Taza
	◦	Rather close. Nice work atmosphere. More of a restaurant feel, though, but just a bit. Just because they have condiments on the table already. 
	◦	Upstairs seating, so they aren't staring at you the whole time. 
	◦	Plenty of seating. 
	◦	Has outlets available, but not super readily. Could snag one though. 
	◦	Loitering is probably an option. 
	◦	WiFi was pretty good, too. Just try both networks. 
	◦	The password is their phone number. 
	◦	3.7/4
	▪	The TL Cafe and Laundromat
	◦	Not as close. 
	◦	Has outlets. 
	◦	Plenty of open seating, but a bit more probably of a come and buy something place?
	◦	In a bit more of a sketchy area. 
	◦	Loitering is probably fine if you buy something. 
	◦	Seems like you need a voucher or access code to get on the WiFi, probably with each purchase or something. 
	◦	2.9/4
	▪	Hilton Lobby
	◦	A huge abundance of seating. 
	◦	Has outlets at the tables, actually pretty much everywhere. So plenty of outlets. 
	◦	A perfectly good work atmosphere, headphones are more of a requirement for here if you want quiet. 
	◦	Could absolutely loiter, probably easier than in the cafes actually. Could also buy something at the bar if they wanted you to, or at the little shop nearby. 
	◦	The only issue is the WiFi. It's free, but pretty slow, 2mbps. The ping is actually pretty good, though. Well, actually, the WiFi is actually quite good. HHonors, it says the session expires though, but changing MAC address can easily get around that. Also, the expiration is in 1 day. 
	◦	They have police around, but that shouldn't be a big deal because we don't look sketchy. 
	◦	The very low ping (4s) totally makes up for the bad download speed. 
	◦	Would be a good idea to sit farther away from the Hilton desk, which has people watching. 
	◦	I think the biggest problem with being here is the loitering, everything else is good.
	◦	3.8/4
	▪	Blue Bottle Cafe
	◦	Across from Tara's work
	◦	Very busy during work week. 
	◦	No outlets. 
	◦	Decent amounts of seating though. 
	◦	WiFi situation unknown.
	◦	2.5/4
	▪	BeanStalk Cafe
	◦	Have been here. It's quite small but could probably work here most of the day. 
	◦	There don't appear to be outlets, or if there are, there aren't many. 
	◦	They do have WiFi. It's very very good WiFi. 60mbps down, great ping. 
	◦	Very few seats, like barely any. They could seat maybe 20 people total, and it's all in front of the person. 
	◦	They do have a restroom though.
	◦	WiFi password is on the post near the counter. So easily accessible. 
	◦	A bit too small to loiter here all day comfortably. 
	◦	2.5/4
	▪	Mazarine Coffee
	◦	Almost no seats, but this was during lunch. Decent number of seats, maybe 30. Very busy, since it's in the center of FiDi. 
	◦	There are outlets for each table. 
	◦	WiFi situation unknown, they might actually not have WiFi. Couldn't find a network name.
	◦	Loitering might be harder because they get so busy, not sure. 
	◦	Would probably have to sit at a shared table.
	◦	2.5/4
	•	Red Door Coffee
	•	Really great seating, plenty of it and on little cushion things. 
	•	Not many outlets, though. Only near the windows. But we could make that work. 
	•	Big enough and crowded enough that you could loiter here easily. Would probably want to buy something, though. But there's a lot of foot traffic. 
	•	Seems to allow dogs too.
	•	WiFi password is posted on the bar.
	•	WiFi is quite good. Nothing to complain about. 
	•	3.6/4
	•	Peet's Coffee at New Montgomery and Mission (doesn't appear on map?)
	•	Plenty of outlets
	•	Plenty of seating
	•	Could't figure out WiFi situation, though. They claim to have it. Could check again. 
	•	Very busy, easily could loiter. Almost like a Panera. 
	•	3/4
	•	Public Space / Peet's Coffee at Mission and 2nd
	•	Absolutely gorgeous. Trees inside, art. 
	•	Fast WiFi (Peet's Coffee next-door). 
	•	Won't get kicked out. Loitering is totally fine. It's essentially a lobby. Correction: it's a public space, so will not get kicked out.
	•	Kinda noisy is the only thing. Noise canceling works really well though.
	•	Abundance of outlets as well. On the ground near every table. 
	•	A huge abundance of seating. Easily could grab a table. There are also shared tables with outlets. 
	•	No security. 
	•	Apparently has an upstairs too.
	•	There's a self-contained Peet's coffee right next to it. Also has seating, outlets, WiFi. Probably wouldn't get kicked out. Not a huge Peet's though.
	•	Bathroom is sort of available, which is the only issue with this place. You have to go ask the security guard for the key and there's only one stall. But it seems publicly available. Peet's Coffee is the one who directed me to it when I asked. 
	•	On the site it says restrooms are available through main lobby, so they might actually be public. 
	•	When it's cold outside, it can sometimes be annoying when people are open and closing the doors. Upstairs and farther from the door probably avoids this. 
	•	May ask for ID to use the bathroom. 
	•	4/4
	•	illy Cafe
	•	Quite small. 
	•	Decent amount of shared seating. 
	•	Have to enter in email/name for two hours of free WiFi.
	•	Has outlets. 
	•	Rather quiet. 
	•	The WiFi isn't that good, either. Even with so few people. Ping is decent. 
	•	Web browsing doesn't feel too bad.
	•	2.8/4
	•	Peet's Coffee at mission and 3rd 
	•	Way too tiny. 
	•	More of a pit stop than a coffee shop. 
	•	Barely any seating. 
	•	Has WiFi. 
	•	Didn't check outlets. 
	•	Couldn't loiter. 
	•	1.5/4
	•	Peet's Coffee at Market and 4th street
	•	Pretty crowded. Plenty of seating. 
	•	Decent number of outlets, probably all that are needed. 
	•	Second floor, which is good. 
	•	Has WiFi. Plenty fast, it's Peet's. 
	•	Could loiter here pretty easily. Probably biggest thing is that it's kinda crowded, very popular spot. 
	•	3.5/4
	•	LinkedIn Lobby? Howard and 2nd street. (POPO)
	•	Decent amount of seating. Big tables. Could probably always get something. 
	•	Doesn't look like there are any outlets though. 
	•	Have to log in with email and name to use the WiFi. Plenty fast though. Okay like quite fast WiFi. 
	•	Appears that there are no outlets. 
	•	It's a public open space, so could stay here all day. 
	•	They do have a bar like thing, with maybe 8 seats which have outlets, so could charge up there. 
	•	The place online says that there is a bathroom too. 
	•	Bathroom code: 26*. That's 26 star. 
	•	Downside: when it's kinda cold outside, they might leave the door open, and it can be cold by the door. 
	•	3.8/4
	•	Citigroup Center. Bush and Sutter (POPO)
	•	Plenty of seating. 
	•	No outlets. 
	•	Outside. 
	•	Not really an option because it's outside. 
	•	2/4
	•	55 Second St (POPO)
	•	A huge space. Enormous amount of seating. 
	•	Nobody seems to know about it. So there is probably always seating available. 
	•	Very pretty, with windows and art. 
	•	Will not get kicked out. Public space. 
	•	There are some outlets scattered around, they’re near the walls though.
	•	Apparently has restrooms available, according to the public works site. Just have to ask the property manager (there’s a door in the hallway), and give them an ID.
	•	The tables near the outlets are a little uncomfortable, but could easily trade the chairs or something. 
	•	There doesn't appear to be public WiFi. Asked, no WiFi. 
	◦	UPDATE 11/9/18: There is public WiFi, and it is very fast. 2ms ping, 50mbps down, 90mbps up??? It’s “Atrium public WiFi” is the network name, and the password is “552ndSTART”
	•	4/4
	•	505-525 Howard St, Red Door Cafe (near 200 1st St) (POPO) 
	•	Apparently has restroom available, according to the site. 
	•	This is the red door cafe. 
	•	It's a public space, with a coffee shop. 
	•	There's a big shared table that should always have seating. 
	•	Otherwise the booths are where we'd want to plant. 
	•	Very hip, very interesting design. 
	•	All of the booth's have outlets. 
	•	Don't see any wifi. Guy said that their WiFi has been screwy, so jump on the nearby one ECGWLN. It's fine WiFi. Not that bad for Googling and stack.
	•	However, the next door Nasdaq place has Guest Wifi that you can connect to. 
	•	Public space, so won't get kicked out. 
	•	The main lobby has the restroom. The guy lets you in. So it seems like that's also public restroom. Takes ID when you ask to use the restroom. 
	•	4/4
	•	Illy Cafe at Montgomery and Bush
	•	Pretty decent. 
	•	Rather loud. 
	•	Lots of shared tables. 
	•	They do have WiFi but you have to enter email just like the last one. Only for two hours.Y
	•	You have to verify your email each time, it seems. 
	•	Could probably loiter. 
	•	2.5/4
	•	Workshop Cafe
	•	You have to pay $2-$3 / hour you work in there. Nice space otherwise. 
	•	0/4
	•	Millennium Tower Atrium
	•	Has plenty of open seats, kinda loud though.
	•	Has outlets, indeed.
	•	Does not appear to have any WiFi at all. 
	•	Can loiter completely, because it's a public open space.
	•	Has bathroom!!! Which is nice.
	•	3/4 
	•	Beal and Mission (nice lobby right next to Starbucks)
	◦	Has a decent number of seats, probably always empty. 
	◦	Has outlets. 
	◦	Very nice vibe, pretty quiet. Starbucks right next door.
	◦	The WiFi isn’t very good, though. Like very bad, worse than CapitalOne. We’re trying to use the Starbucks WiFi, but at a distance.
	◦	We could probably use the Starkbucks bathroom, and could potentially work in the Starbucks sometimes.
	◦	Not sure if we could loiter here all day, seems like we may be able to though. 
	◦	2.9/4
	•	235 2nd Street (CBS interactive)
	◦	Has open seating, but not much seating. Just two couches. 
	◦	Does have outlets, which we could use pretty easily.
	◦	Has very good WiFI, incredibly fast. 
	◦	Can definitely loiter, because it’s a public open space.
	◦	Comfortable couch for sure.
	◦	No public restroom, but LinkedIn is right across the street and has one with a code.
	◦	Open until 9pm on the weekdays, which is really great.
	◦	3.6/4
	•	Joe & The Juice (Montgomery & Pine)
	◦	Has open seating, plenty of open seating. A huge diversity of types of seating. Chairs, couches, tables, a little closed off work. 
	◦	Has a huge number of outlets. Can get one basically any time.
	◦	Has very good WiFi. Very fast. SSH is not blocked.
	◦	Is big enough that we could loiter pretty easily, without paying, but probably would want to get something each day.
	◦	Does have a restroom! Past the plants to the left.
	◦	3.9/4
	•	Contraband Coffee
	•	Very good vibe. Open late as well. 
	•	A deceptive amount of seating, probably 30 chairs. 
	•	Outlets are at the small tables, but there are barely any of them. Probably couldn't hog them all day. 
	•	WiFi is actually insanely fast, at least when nobody is around. Like 26ms ping, 40mbps down. 
	•	Probably could be here most of the day or all day if you buy two things, asked Carolyn for thoughts. 
	•	Restrooms? Yes, does have a restroom. There's a code on the door which he gave willingly. 
	•	There are only two outlets overall. 
	•	Very friendly guy. 
	•	3.3/4

New places to try?
	•	Coffee Bar: 1890 Bryant St
	•	Philz Coffee: 549 Castro St
	•	Matching Half Cafe
	•	Cafe La Flore: Irving St
	•	Joe and the Juice