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Dear Candy and Maribel, 

Now that Class Checker is set up and running with ITS, I was hoping that we could start a discussion about possible support for UNC Class Finder ( Tara Aida, a friend from high school and a current sophomore at Harvard, and I started Class Finder last summer. We just wanted to let you know all of the ways we’re hoping to improve the site, but we would be thrilled with absolutely any type of help that you can provide.

First, we were hoping it would be possible for us to have some sort of direct access to the course data. You’ve mentioned that it’s a shame that we have to manually update class information, and consequently, our data can be up to 15 days out of date. 

Second, our main priority right now is getting grade data/course evaluation data on classes and professors. Do you know who we could talk to about getting this information? We’ve talked to students about what features would be most helpful when shopping for courses, and it’s unanimously more quantitative course data. 

Lastly, it would be great if there was a link to UNC Class Finder somewhere where students could discover it. We’re working on getting the word out about the site, as we want to help as many students as possible. 

Thanks so much for your help so far,

Joe Puccio and Tara Aida