Preparation for my call with Google.

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Call with Google

Background: they wanted to reach out to see how things were going on Coursicle, even though they know I'm not looking for a full time position. Probably just to make connections early for hiring.

Matthew Breidenbach reached out just before I was graduating to see if I was interested in working for Google. I told him that I was interested but wanted to see if I could get our startup to the point where it could sustain us after graduation.

Update since then

Plan class schedule, companion app that notifies students when a seat opens up. I had a really bad registration experience. Spent hours. Didn't get into classes.

We're at about 100,000 users. We're at over 450 colleges and universities. Just recently started generating a lot more revenue. Launched an app (iOS and Android), past few months has gotten 25,000 downloads. Students can track one class for free, pay $2.99/semester. That's now our primary source of revenue.

We got some investment money, and we've recently gotten it to the place where the revenue we're generating can sustain one of us. But since it couldn't support both of us, my co-founder, Tara, stopped working on Coursicle full-time in July and got a new job in San Francisco. Now we're both living in San Francisco. She still works part-time on Coursicle.

I plan to work on Coursicle full-time at least until December.


Process is two parts, 1 technical phone interview. Hopping on phone call with Google engineer. Coding in the Google doc. Data structures, algorithms. Efficacy and quality. And speed. Then after that it would be on-person, 5 interviews. 2 would be coding interviews. 1 would be system design. Then 2 on area of expertise. Then hoping on calls with different hiring managers.

Wouldn't be considered a university graduate, that's just within 6 months of graduating. Would be considered an "industry candidate".

Coming in as a software engineer. Doing full stack development. They're all also doing designing and stuff.

How did you guys decide to reach out. Reached out because applied for internship, and saw that we moved to San Francisco, and saw we were working in a startup.