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Incubators (note: all have summer terms and give money unless stated). 
Should Google “edtech” startups.
Could look at other edtech venture funds. Such as
May want to look at the ones that are closed because their site doesn’t actually indicate close or open correctly and we only looked through open:®ion=1
Could look at this comprehnisve list: 
Looked through these as of February 26th:

Not doing: 
[March 2nd] (edtech, no funding) 

[March 2nd]
[March 14th] (edtech, but only $15k)
[March 15th]
[March 15th] 
[rolling] (may want to also submit via website)
[Rolling] (just angel investment)
[Rolling] (ed interest, mainly CA. submitted 1 hour late 4 “Pre-seed”)
[March 18th] (starts in April)
[March 18] (ed related)

[March 23rd] (YCombinator):
[March 20th] (Techstars - All Locations: Chicago, NY):
[March 22nd] (canada)

Could consider (in order of best): 
[March 31st] (10K grant)
[unsure] (edtech, could probably get it 20k)
[April 3rd]
[Rolling] (apply via angelist)
[April 4] (exact copy of existing app)
[Rolling] (20k)
[April 10] (really short)
[March 31st] (edtech, pretty short)
[Rolling] (ties to edtech)
[Rolling] (gender focused)
[Rolling] (really short)
[Rolling] (ask about incubator program. edtech)
[April 22] (only 20K)
[April 30th] (diversity, no money)
[March 31st] (ed, english, but in Spain)
[April 30th] (no money, but space + NY, kinda short)
[April 1st] (should we conisder nonprofit?)
[Rolling] (just free room and board)
[Rolling] (view below, really short)
[Rolling] (was predecessor to above, good, exact copy of existing application)
[start accepting in April] (starts a bit late)
[rolling] (enterprise apps only)
[March 27] (edtech, April start though)
[deadline passed] (would be a good fit but starts in March)

Low Importance:

[Rolling] (Capital Factory)

[Rolling] ( 

[Rolling] (Dorm Room Fund - not incubator)

Pitch deck

High Importance: 

[Not Open] (500 Startups - San Francisco):

[April 16th] (Brandery - Cincinnati):

[April 1st] (ERA NYC):

[Not Open] (Launchpad - LA):

[Not Open] Triangle Startup Factory:

General Answers/writing resources: 
Can look at Dropbox YC Application:
Should look at this buss plan:
Pitch-deck reference: