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We've made a course search which allows students to easily browse their university’s classes and plan a schedule. The existing systems such a huge source of stress and frustration, that students use paper and pencil or Excel to try to plan their schedule.

We also run a popular sister service which notifies students when a class they want has an available seat. Currently, students manually refresh a webpage over the course of months, waiting to see if someone has dropped the class they want.

~4.16%. Once students graduate, they no longer have a need for our service, but they are replaced by students who do.

Organic Search: 43%
Direct: 32%
Referral: 24%
Social: 1%

Tara Aida, senior, math and physics at Harvard. Co-founder and developer - 50% equity. 
Joe Puccio, senior, math and computer science at UNC. Co-founder and developer - 50% equity.