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Always needing to be organized, never giving up, always needing to do everything perfectly, always needing to do work perfectly, chocolate.

Not always playful enough when I should be.

To have a general understanding of most of the branches of Science, learn more about politics, be able to stick up to someone that I look up too, be able to not take things people do or say so seriously, prevent occasional mood swings when they are not needed.

A great passion for Science and Math.

Thought of the afterlife, thought of losing close friends or family.

Pushing myself to levels that I might not be able to handle.

Not giving up in something I am struggling in, not mixing my social life and my academic life and not focussing on one or the other.

Heights, failure, hate, death, disease.

Failure, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, death and disease.

Making a difference, living a fun and eventful life, serving my country in any way besides war, sustaining a family.

Joey, Jonny, Mickey, Neil, Pablo, Santi, Caleb, Bennett and Kaylee.

Logan, Rosie

Peter, Michele, Grae.


Penne with melted mozzarella with a very light tomato sauce

Taking the dishes out of the dishwasher, doing chores, doing chores and getting payed as much as my sister even though she doesn’t to anything, boredom.

A stuffed animal that I call “Bunny” that I have had since the day I was born, and always had him with me until I was six, and still have him. A stick that I found in New York shaped like a hammer that I have had every since.