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1936 - Rome - Berlin Axis 
	Anti-comitern pact - between Germany and Japan, Anti-communism. “Axis Powers” are born…
March 1938 - Anschluss Hilter annexed Austria. 

Sept 1555, 1938 he demands the Sudeten land. (German speaking sliver, of Czechoslovakia).

This time, western power will not just stand by. Munich Conference. 

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain: “Appeasement has won peace in our time. 

August 1939 - Nazi soviet pact = nonaggression 
-Hitler didn’t want to fight a 2 front war. 
-Planning to invade Poland. 
-USSR & Germany would split poland & soviet union would not oppose hitler 
September 1st 1939 - Hitler invades Poland. UK & France declare war on germany. 
By September 28th - Poland has fallen & is divided between soviet union & germany 
Nations prepare for war 
Winter 1939/1940 “Phoney War” - no real fighting.