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Why I think I should not have to stay
When I read the Valentines handout on Monday morning I interpreted it as directions
to inform the class that I picked out of the basket that a partner and I were volunteering to
help with anything they needed us to do. I did not follow directions in the last sentence of
the handout, which to my recollection was not phrased well. I apologize, but I
was not confused because if I were confused I would have asked someone what it meant.
I was merely mistaken. I interpreted the last sentence as directions for my partner and me
to sign our names at the bottom of the note that we handed  to the classroom. And our
group was not the only group that made that mistake, and yes, I know just because
everyone else did it does not mean that I can do it, but I think that the fact that our group
was not the only group to make a mistake, particularly not the only group that
misinterpreted that last sentence is a sign that the last sentence was a little unclear. We
did make a mistake, but I don’t think that one small mistake that could be changed in a
second is worth me and my partner spending an hour at study hall.