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Abdicate - Renounce
Aberrant - Strange
Amorphous - Without having a strict shape or form
Ameliorate - Improve
Apathy - No Feeling
Ascribe - Give a reason for
Auspicious - Success 
Banal - Boring
Benevolent - Good Intentions
Benign - Harmless 
Candid - Honest, Straightfoward
Circumspect - Cautious
Cloying - Nice to Disgust 
Colloquial - Informal Speech or Writing
Complacent - Happy with the way things are
Conciliatory - Willing to compromise to avoid argument
Convoluted - Dense, difficult to follow
Convivial - Social
Didactic - Focused on work/school
Disparate - Compare 
Engender - To generate, create
Ephemeral - Short
Fastidious - Picky, requiring excessive 
Ulterior - Existing what is beyond obvious
Priggish - strong beliefs, acts superior 

In an attempt to ameliorate her ways, others found them aberrant. 

In most cases, those who are candid aren’t as convivial as those who are not. 

Only after an intensive reading of 1984 can you truly reveal the ulterior