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Also 1917, Zimmerman Telegram
Note to German Ambassador in U.S. (intercepted by england and tells US)-said Germany would start unrestricted U-boat (submarine) warfare in atlantic. (because the us was trading arms to england and france) If US has a problem - germans will ally with mexico and invade them

Race to Western Front

2nd Battle of the Marne
-Germans attempt to push through failed. 
Austria-Hungary was losing to Italy, Ottoman Empire was losing to French & British in N Africa & Middle East. Central Powers are in full retreat by summer 1918. November 11th, @ 11AM...Peace

1917  The end of the war zimmerman telegram -

Russia exits war 
German troops redirected to west. 
Americans cross the Atlantic (instate the draft) 
Race to the Western front. 
1918 - Allied victories, central powers in retreat Austria-Hungary lost to Italy in balkans Ottoman empire lost to France & England in North Africa & Middle east. 2nd battle of the marne. Germany attempts a big push Fails. During the summer of 1918, with fresh american troops, allies break the stalemate. 

November 11th (11AM) 1918 - Armistice (Peace) 

A meeting in Versailles
No Russia, No Germany 
Italy & Japan - Represented, not much of a say…
Big 3 of post ww1 
England - David Lloyd George (Prime Ministers) Revenge
France - Georges Clemeneau (President) Revenge
USA - Woodrow Wilson (President) - Make peace )14 points, not assigning blame, self determination. League of Nations. 

Fourteen Points
Don’t Assign Blame X
League of Nations (Check)
Self Determination (Check)

What Actually happened….

Treaty of Versailles 

“War-Guilt Clause” - It is All Germany’s fault. 
Reparations - Germany must pay $ to france )and some to england & italy) 
Limits on German military (small army, no navy, no airforce) 
Rhineland (area between france & germany) as demilitarized zone (no german troops) 
Germany loses all colonies. 
League of Nations 
Early version of UN
All members must protect other members
US did not join - congress rejects it because of isolationism