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Toltecs (958 A.D. - 1156 A.D.) 

Warrior people
Also culturally descended from the Olmecs.
Small kingdoms & city-states constantly at war

Political void for a while…

1300s Aztecs conquer 
	(1300’s - 1520) 

Founded the Tenochtitlan <--Mexico City

	Expanded, created huge empire. 

P.O. -- Still have small kingdoms & City states - ALL PAY tribute to aztec king in Tenchtitlan 

E.S. - still based in farming & trade 

I.T. - Use mayan style hieroglyphics, books on bark. Mostly used for business. Also built stepped pyramids for religious rituals. 

Moral Code 

Sun god Huitzilopochtli 
Feathered Serpent Quetzalcati 
Other nature gods. 

Importance of names 
Human sacrifice --> 20,000 people a year 

South America 

Andean civilizations 
	Arose in Andes Mountains 
Domestication of llama
Terrace farming