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	Timeline Project
1) My favorite part was experimenting with the software that we used to create the Timeline.
2) My least favorite part of the project was explaining the process of our research.
3) One way that our group spent our time planning was by creating an outline of the different categories in our timeline, and listing all the events we wanted to include on our timeline.

4) I don’t think that we used our time poorly in the project planning, we didn’t make snap decisions but we did have our project outline very early in the game.

5) We had everything planned out, and executed it as planned. We used all our time with great efficiency.

6) I don’t think that we used our researching time poorly at all, we knew what people we were going to have on the timeline the first day we got the assignment.

7) The process we used to make our final project was fairly easy and straightforward. We did the planned work on schedule, had plenty of information out there on our topics, and felt on schedule with the entire process of the creation of the timeline.

8) I thought that our presentation went very well. The only thing I thought we could do better on was have less information on each person.

9) I learned that using different techniques for similar projects can help you figure out a process or technique that you like to use and find the most useful in that topic.