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Do we really have to?

Do we have to judge each other by the type of food we eat? We don’t judge each other by the color of our skin. I agree that people that eat meat are eating animals and that if the demand for animals were lower the supply would be lower whence fewer animals would be brutally murdered. The thing I think no one should be against eating fish, we have plenty of the fish that are most known like Salmon, carp and my favorite grouper. Some people think it is bad to eat meat but I do not, why should I have to take an extra pill every day for vitamin B12 when I could eat a nice juicy piece of fish and get plenty of vitamin B12. And I don’t want to watch my protein intake so why don’t we all suck it up and eat both meat and vegetables, instead of drinking bitter Soy products every day, in your cereal and even with your yummy Oreos.