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The Carolingians 

Begins with Charles Martel 
	Grandson - Charlemagne
		Who becomes “holy roman empire” 
Rulers of France until 987 AD 

Once Charlemagne has been crowned in 800, he returns to Western Europe & builds a capital at Aachen 

Modern name Aix-la-Chapelle 

Carolingian Renaissance 

Why “Renaissance”? Charles is attempting to bring back Roman Empire 

Charlemagne  saw Roman architecture in Rome wanted to duplicate … 
Builds imitations of Roman buildings 
Revived Latin 


Revived latin - Add spaces between words & punctuation to make it easier to learn

Carolingian script 

The Carolingians

Carlemagnes Government 
	United all of west & central europe, council of advisers, messengers to communicate with the various estates within the kingdom 

Pays philosophers scientists “natural philosophers,” 

theologian To stay at court in Aachen & pursue intellectual curiosities 

Charlesmagne’s son, Louis, keeps kingdom together 

	Louis has 3 sons 
		Charles the Bald 
	Louis the German Modern Germany, central Europe their kingdoms keep dividing 
	Lothar  known as holy roman empire over 300 small kingdoms