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In what type of rocks would geologists find fossils?


What scientists is credited with uniformitarianism?

James Hutton

What does the law of superposition state?

Rock layer is always older than the one above it.

What is an unconformity?

Tilting or folding, erosion, then starts again.

Fossil created by a dinosaur footprint is an example of a?

Trace fossil

The task of using fossils to match rocks of similar ages in different locations?


What were the major gasses in precambrian atmosphere?

Water Vapor, Nitrogen, Oxygen

What important event in animal evolution marks the beginning of the Cambrian era?

Appearance of hard parts

What event may have triggered the great Paleozoic extinction?

Redistribution of land and climate change

Age of fishes, which time period?


What’s the most common pre-cambrian fossil?

Stromatolites, proof of algae

Why did amphibians diversify so quickly during the late paleozoic?

Because there was no competition

What was the first true terrestrial animal?


What title best describes the current age?

Age of mammals