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Why So Successful, Rome? 

Conquered peoples/lands & turned them Roman
Giving a stake in Roman Success 

Citizens - had full protection under law
Diverse military troops 
Military strategy & discipline 
Built & created rather than burn & destroyed

They built roads, aqueducts, irrigation, buildings, fortifications/defensive (created a strong economy) 


Civil Wars  - 92 B.C. - 31 B.C. 

Brought about an end to Roman Republic turned into Empire 

All of the generals want more power, the republic were starting to get corrupted. Everyone became more selfish, the senate was representing the people less. Generals competing with each other for power. 

	3 of these were : Crassus, Pompey, Julius Caesar 

92 B.C. - 60 B.C. - Roman armies fighting each other. 

60 B.C. - A temporary peace, and formed a Triumvirate

Crassus: General of Syria (aka mesopotamia)

Pompey: General in Rome (Italy)

Julius Caesar: General in Spain, led conquest of Gaul (France).