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It starts with chemists attaching portions of DNA to compounds very similar in contents. They then release all the compounds into test tubes, but instead of putting one compound into a test tube and setting up around a billion test tubes they put varying from thousands to millions of compounds in each test tube. These are managed by robots. Inside these test tubes there is usually some sort of chemical. They then put in what they call a target, which is a cell membrane, after a certain amount of time decided based on the chemist’s estimations of how long it will take for the compounds to attach themselves to the cell membrane they pull out the target and put each one through the gene sequencer identifying each DNA potion. Once all this information comes in it is stored as computer files. Then the computer programers create a program that will analyze this information and find which compounds had attached themselves to the target and which ones had a stronger bond and a weaker bond and if a portion of the compound had a very strong bond and another compound with those similar properties attached themselves they note that. The reason for all this is