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sub-Saharan Africa 

1000 B.C.- Bantu migrated around sub-Saharan Africa… spread language & iron smelting and agricultural practices 

Nubia (Kush, Meroe)
Further South on Nile from Egypt
Origins - 2500 B.C. 
References to Nubia in egyptians hieroglyphics  
Pictures of nubians in Egypt 
Trading grain for gold 

	Around 2000 B.C. 
	Egypt invades nubia

	Then around 1500 B.C. Nubia invades Egypt 

	Nubia adopts 
	Egyptian gods & Hieroglyphics 

Brief periods of written history 
Then language evolves, we can’t read it 

	Centralized with one king or queen 
Same religion (Polytheistic) with a few differences 
More focus on sub saharan african animals 

Priests & Temples (built pyramids) 

Divided labor between men & woman 
Grave yards men are buried together and woman and children are separately 

West Africa 
Between Senegal & Niger
Rivers small kingdoms
Arise 300’s & 400s AD
Ghana (500 AD - 1200 AD)