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"They wanted to support farmers and lower income people. 

Graduated income tax with 16th amendment,

direct election of senators with 17th amendment

8 hour day

government regulation of railroads 

Populism was in the masses, it was just a movement within people. 

Primarily in response to the McKinley Tariff, hurt western farmers

Mainly minority groups"

"They wanted to actually institute what the populists wanted. 

They were fighting the “robber barons” who were eastern business men that controlled coal, oil, and farms, and this was bad business for the western farmers. 

Progressivism acted through courts and legislation 

Woodrow Wilson initiated progressive actions through economics. 

Protect consumers. 

Mainly  middle class. "

The trust busters were part of the movement, they wanted to destroy monopolies including Rockerfeller’s standard oil, but he ended up making money after it was broken up.