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Student Self Evaluation

What have you done well this trimester? What do you think your strengths are?

        I think that I have done very well in Science, I have always been very skilled in Science. And I believe that I am pushing myself to do more in Science then asked, to built a foundation that will help me in the future. I find that I do not forget what I learn in Science, and use it often. I also find that I am doing well in Math as well. I am also building a strong foundation of Algebra 1. This will help me very much in the future years because Algebra 1 is very important when doing Algebra 2, Pre-Trigonometry, and Trigonometry. 

        I also find myself skilled in Humanities, however I am a lot better at current day problems. And can understand how our governments system works, and the problems in the world now, like wars. 

What type of learner do you think your are? Visual? Kinesthetic? Auditory? A combination?

        I think that I am a mix of all three. I find it very helpful when taking notes on something that I can see. Like a powerpoint presentation. I find that I can listen to a speech or lecture, and take good notes and understand the subject well. I also find that working with the material is a good approach for learning, however I find that I learn more and understand more from a Visual or Auditory approach. 

What work do you feel best about?

        The work that I feel like I am the most proud of is my labs. I think that I am very good at writing a lab. And have a great sense of how to lay out the labs. I feel like I am very good at talking about the subject and explaining it with great detail but in a way that makes sense to the people who read it. Every lab that I get a complete plus on I feel like I deserve it and I worked hard for. 

What could use some attention on your part to improve? What do you think your challenges are? List concrete ways that you will take action on these improvement ideas. Begin sentences with I will…

Student Self Evaluation
        I think that I need to improve in Spanish, I feel like I have a potential in Spanish. However I lack the determination to improve. I feel like learning Spanish will not benefit me much in my future, so I am not working as hard on it as other subjects. 

        I will search for a way that Spanish can benefit me in the future