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Speech Talking Points
•I’m Joe 
•I’m new to woods this year but I’m certainly not new to the close community aspect of woods
•My old school...Montessori was very similar in that we had everyone talking to one another regardless how old they were…we had very small classes around 10 - 15 people in each grade, and most importantly everyone knew everyone.
•I went to that same school for 10 years, I knew every student, every teacher, and almost everything about the school. And I’d have to say I was a very big part of that school. So what I’m saying is I’ve been in an intimate community like woods. I know how to care for and be apart of a school that has the same values of woods. 
•And I promise to help preserve the qualities of woods that make it such a unique school. Because I don’t want to lose the closeness that we share just because woods has more people this year, and that we’re a more formal looking school. I want to provide more opportunities for everyone to meet and introduce themselves to everyone they haven’t met yet. 
•And I will encourage students to confront me if they have an issue or comment that they feel should be addressed. 
•Our school is going through a lot of changes this year, and when I’m elected class rep I promise to help maintain the qualities of our school that long time students and newcomers like myself have grown to love. 

Thank You