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        To by honest I searched my soul as well as the internet for ideas to write this 
speech. But the truth is it didn’t matter how long I searched in either of those two very 
reliable places. I couldn’t find any combination of words that would express all of the 
hours I’ve spent here. And by using my amazing math skills, (look away from the paper)
is…(look at one hand) 10,824 hours or... (look at the other) 451, 24 hour school days. 
Combined we might even be smarter than the state of North Carolina. And as we all 
know education is a very important part of each of our lives, and a strong one like we’ve
picked up here will probably help us in all of our future jobs, like for example being a 
dancer (signal alex) or an actor (signal blake) or even a mad scientist (point to 
Jayce).Or of course the president of the united states, (double point to me). I’m not 
joking, it seems like all you need to do to be president these days is go to Yale, right? It 
may be surprising to hear that in 6th grade I wanted nothing more then to not be apart 
of this class. All of the rumors OF homework overloads really built up and made an 
impact on me. I was expecting the first day of 7th grade to be miles underneath the 
surface of the Earth, fortunately it was in a claustrophobic storage room. And honestly 
I’m not really sure what you guys are going to do without us next year. I mean two years
ago we had such an influence on the school Grae Baker couldn’t imagine being here without us in his class and left! But seriously, this school has taught me more than to just find the hypothenuse of a triangle, which by the way please don’t ask me because I may have just forgot it, or what 1+1 is…(look concerned) It’s taught me what I can do, and what we all can do. And most importantly it’s taught us how to go to the best of our ability, and it gave us the choice of doing so, it’s also taught us who we are, and what we are meant to do. Thank You. 

Preperation: Write on your left hand “Is…. 10,824 hours or…” on your right write “ 451, (space) 24 hour school days