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Describe the cycle in which class’ rise and fall, moreover the objective of each class.

A: The lower class fights for equality. The middle class is trying to become the upper class. The upper class tries to remain in power. In any attempt to overthrow the current high class, the middle class will use equality and liberty to gain support of the lower class and destroy the upper. The upper then becomes the middle or is completely obliterated and a partition of the once middle class branches of to become the middle class. In the end, the lower class has gained no ground towards equality or power.

What is the driving force behind any rebellion? What tactics do the party use to maintain in power?

A: The driving force behind any rebellion is oppression. One can become aware of his oppression by looking into the past or the system in which others run. The party eliminates the past by altering any events to ensure absolute history, precluding any of its members to reflect. It maintains a completely isolationist status to ensure the outer party does not realize their oppression.

Do you agree with the statement made by Goldstein “For to change one’s mind, or even one’s policy, is a confession of weakness.” How does this relate to what the party is doing?

A: The first part of this question is opinion based. For me, yes. This relates to the party’s rule in that every time history is written, it is written as if the present has always been that way. For instance if Oceania were to say they had changed their mind about Eurasia and started to fight eastasia, it shows that at one point they were wrong (weakness).

Describe modern warfare in Orwells world. What tactics do the party use to ensure an endless war, while maintaing phycological soundness of their country?

A: Modern warfare can only be described as minimal human interaction or combat. As history shows, the wars have become less and less interactive and more centered around technological advancements and assembly. In this system they only way to completely decimate their enemy is to surround it and strike simultaneously. This of course is nearly impossible even if two countries are against one. The phycological factor in war is that you should do everything in your power to certify your countries victory. Which in most cases involves handing over any products or power to your government (communism war).

What are the superstates fighting over? What do the superstates tell their county they are fighting for?

A: Each superstate is fighting for the obtainment of cheap labor workers known as proles. They say they are fighting for the extinction of inferior and barbaric races across the board, even though each of the superstates are identical in almost every way other than name.