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Joseph Puccio
Ms. Berg
English IV
March 2, 2012
Network Analysis

	I.	We begin with an introduction of what a Network is 
	A.	Instances of where one would find a network 
	1.	Social
	2.	Ecological
	3.	Computational 
	B.	We give simple examples of each 
	II.	We give the abstract structure of a network
	A.	Explain nodes
	B.	Explain connections
	III.	We provide mathematical tools to analyze networks 
	A.	We introduce the formulas I’ve created
	1.	Interconnectedness of entire network
	2.	Importance of arbitrary node
	3.	Importance of arbitrary subnetwork
	B.	We explain how each of these formulas work abstractly
	C.	We explain how to interpret the results from using these formulas 
	IV.	We apply our tools to an actual network
	A.	We start with a simplified network that’s not real world data
	1.	This would contain around 15 nodes each with approximately 3 connections, we would apply the formulas to the network and use this example network to demonstrate the tools‘ analytic power
	B.	We apply our tools to two real world networks
	1.	One will certainly be the words and synonyms database
	2.	One may be a subnetwork of Facebook, centered around me 
	C.	We explain our results 
	V.	We explain the implications of our results and the importance of understanding these factors of networks.