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1. What parts of the adolescent community do you like best? Why?
I like that we have an independent work block and we do not have to go to different classes like high school. I also like the homework last year it was very BORING and I didn’t care for it, but this years homework has been the perfect amount, I do not see any reason to change, yes it is true that some weeks we have a lot of stuff going on but I like those weeks there really fun. I also like that we are able to go outside when we are done and not wait for the other people. I really like this year and I hope it stays roughly the same.
2. What parts do you like least about the adolescent community? Why?
I do not like the Spanish book because we have to listen to a person with no attitude or feeling talk for twenty minutes; I think that Spanish should be in a group that can talk to each other in Spanish to build our vocabulary, that’s just my opinion. The other thing is that before we get a handout sometimes (it depends on the subject) I would like it if we discussed the topic to get a better feel for what it is and what it means.
3. Are there things missing from the program?
Well, I think that instead of five different subjects and the occasional history lesson I think that we should come up with a list that has many different subjects and vote on the top seven or eight most important that we can receive a handout on once or twice a week
4. What do you see as the major problems in our classroom? Our school? Your community? What could you or your classmates/teachers do about them?
One problem I see is we try to do some project that in the end is not going to work out and it just adds to the things that we have to do that some people might not want to do in the first place. Another thing I see as a issue is on the soccer field the intramurals are fine and it does decrease the people on the field but I think that the other classes (if possible) could change there schedule or we could change ours so that only one or two classrooms are on the playground at a time, I mean just shift it so that they overlap by five or ten minutes would be fine, and this is just a suggestion I do not want to seem demanding.
5. What have you done well this trimester? What do you think your strengths are?
I think that my strengths are math, science and physics and I very proud of myself of getting most of my work done on time.
6. What could use some attention on your part to improve? What do you think your challenges are?
I think that one major weakness of mine is defiantly Spanish. I have not been doing well at all and I am not proud of myself at all.
1 I will work harder in Spanish
2 I will try to get a better score on my Spanish tests.