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New Sects of Protestantism

God All-Powerful & All knowing 

	Freewill still exists 
	But God already knows what everyone will choose 
	Very simple, no adornments, no singing, dancing, & drinking. 

Very popular….spread - England Puritans. 
France - Huguenots 
Also to scotland and scandinavia 


Similar to Catholicism in practice and belief, 
Difference: Not Pope, head of Anglican Church is British monarch
Divorce is allowed. 

Started by Henry 8th, in 1534. 

Remember - he was married to Catherine of Aragon. Who is Catholic, Spanish, and aunt of Charles 5th. They had a daughter, Mary. Henry wants a son he weds Anne Bolyn - six months later elizabeth the first. After … henry weds 4 more times. He only gets one son, who dies at 14. 

Anabaptists      - Voluntarily coming to God. 

Adult baptism. 

Radical - All believers are equal anyone could be a priest. (not actually women). 
Complete separation of church or state. Laws and government were below christians. Persecuted by Protestants & Catholics alike. 

Protestantism is Spreading…
    Catholic church must do something…

Catholic Counder Reformation
3 Pronged Approach. 
	Reform the Papacy. 
Reform commission that was supposed to investigate the corruption in 1537. Pope is corrupt. So...Began to purify the role of the pope. 

Council of Trent (1545 - 1563) 
	Series of meetings of Church officials
Goals : fix problems, while re-affirming beliefs. 

Banned selling indulgences,
Yes, good works
Yes, purgatory
Yes, celibacy of priests
Yes, sacraments 

Jesuit Order
Behun by Ignatius Loyola