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I’m only going to read the rules in once in English. Your objective is to get you and your baby gorilla out of the zoo and off the grid alive. There are different color blocks that mean different things. If you go through a city there is a 30% chance you will be caught. If you go through a red space there is a 75% chance you will be caught. You may not move diagonally across the board. If you come within a one block radius (indicated by an empty circle) of a red block there is a 25% chance that you will be seen. Once (or if) you are seen there is a one in six chance that you will be caught. Running will make the Gorilla go through two spaces instead of only one. Running also cuts the chance you will be caught (if you are being chased) in half. You can’t run through red or purple spaces and you can only run twice over the course of the game. The only way to lose the people who chase you is by either leaving the grid or going to a safe house. One other way to lose people is to run through a suburb (you must be running), but even then doing this only gives you a 50% chance you will lose them. You can move freely through green spaces, however their may be traps in the green spaces. If you step in a trapped box you will have to fight the guards giving you a 50% chance of escaping. You will also have the option of hiding. You may either chose to hide instead of fight, but there is a 75% chance you will be found. You have one opportunity to hide if you lose a fight, but again, this can only be used one.
Are there any questions?

Good Luck.

Tu objectivo es para escapar con tu bebe. El bloques de differente color significa differente cosas. En el ciudad, hay es a treinta por ciento oportunidad eso tu (el gorila) se capturado. Ir en el bloque del rojo ha significas tu tienes una setenta y cinco por ciento oportunidad eso tu ha eres capturado. Puede que no mover en diagonal en todos los ambitos. Si viene dentro de un bloque de radio (senalan con un circulo vacio) de un bloque tojo 25% possibilidad de que usted ser visto. Una vez (o si) se considera que hay una en seis fortuna tu ha eres capturado. Tu podes rendes tu gorila corre. Running ha move tu gorila dos espacios en vez de uno espacio.