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Building A Confederation (Romes Expansion) 

First 300 Years of the Republic, Rome was at WAR 

338 B.C. - 270 B.C. - They conquered north italy

269 B.C. - Drove out Greeks from sicily & Eastern Italy 

By 255 - Rome controls whole Italian Peninsula 

	Threatening Carthage (north africa) 
				Very Powerful, controlled western Mediterranean. 

Tensions between Rome and Carthage

Punic Wars
264 B.C. - 146 B.C. 

First Punic War : 264 B.C. - 241 B.C. 
	-Over control of Sicily
	-Rome built a navy 
	-Carthage Loses, has to give up Sicily to Rome 

Second Punic War : 218 B.C. - 201 B.C. 
Hannibal attacks Rome from the north
Romans lose
Hannibal can’t launch attack, caught in north italy
Then romans cut Hannibal off from Carthage and defeat him 
End: Rome gains control of Spain 

Third Punic War : 146 B.C. 
	-Rome completely killed Carthage, left nothing 
	-Enslaved or killed all people
	-Renamed Carthage to “Affrika” 

ALSO in the 200’s B.C. 

214 B.C. - 169 B.C. Rome went East 
	Conquered : Greece, Southern Europe (Balkans), Asia Minor 

By 90 B.C. - Incredibly powerful, control the Mediterranean. 

Why was rome so successful? 

	-They tried not to ruin things, they wanted to control things that were still prosperous.