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Road to War in Asia (Starts as China vs Japan)

Mid 1800’s - opium wars
Fall under British influence

Chinese Society
Pro Westerners/Christianity/modernize 
Anti-Western, Confucian, Traditional. 

1900 - Boxer Rebellion

Killed a lot of christians & europeans 

1911 Qing Dynasty falls China descends into civil war. 
Established a western-style Republic under Sun yat-sen
As president. 
But this government is not powerful. 
China was ruled by warlords 

Sun yat-sen’s Nationalist Party
Joins with Communist party to defeat warlords 

1925, sun yat-sen dies. Jiang Kai-shek becomes leader of Nationalist Party. 1927 Shanghai Massacre - kills thousands of communists, break alliance. 
Nationalist government in Nanjing. Communist base in Jiangxi 

P.L.A. (Peoples liberation Army) using Guerrilla tactics. 

Nationalists attack…

	Long March 1934 

6000 miles, Jyr. 
90,000 men @ beginning 9,000 return. 
Communist were nearly defeated, but japan invades and kills nationalist and allows communists to take power.