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Good to talk about the increasing polarity of wealth and the internet’s contribution to that disparity. Because of the pervasiveness of the internet and financial transactions online, it’s very easy now to have an enormous amount of reach, even with a small amount of resources. While previously only very developed companies could have a national or especially a global presence, now it’s as easy as standing up a server. So it’s certainly understandable why we notice this polarization in the internet age.

Interesting to point out that there’s this culture of calling everyone an artist, almost as a way of getting them to swallow the pill of exploitation by their employing company. People are so easily swayed by their environments, accepting injustices because their peers do. It’s our adaptive nature that really enables the slow creeping of debt-culture to infuse into our lives. Adjustments will not be made without a reminder that the world does not have to operate this way, and that people are the ones who put these systems into place and it’s people who can dismantle them.

I absolutely love the idea “If you owe the bank a thousand dollars, the bank owns you. If you owe the bank a trillion dollars, you own the bank”. That’s beautiful. And this talk about debt and its hold on every individual in our society seems to be creeping up at this time. Even the television show Mr. Robot is almost centered around the near-reality that there’s an evil, single, corporation that owns everything, including everyone’s debt, and it must be taken down.