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The Renaissance

What? Rebirth of Classical Culture in Europe...but so much more in reality, the birth of modern europe. Starts in 1100’s (12th Century Renaissance) 
	Causes : Increased Stability & Trade & Crusades

What ideas came into Europe? 
	Aristotle (logic/reason/science) 
Arab math, medicine, architecture, astronomy & music the guitar- continuation of Roman culture
Classical Art & Literature. 

Characteristics of 12th Century Renaissance

Scholasticism - The school of thought that seeks to reconcile faith & reason thomas aquinas - “Summa Theologica” Peter Abelard - “Sic et Non” 

Rise of universities 
Bologna (Italy), paris. Ozford. 
Subjects math (Geometry & arithmetic), music, law, rhetoric & logic, theology, astronomy. 

Literature in vernacular 

	Troubadours, chansons de gestes. Epic adventures. 

Chretien de troyes