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Thesis Statement: The Renaissance, Protestant Reformation and Age of Exploration are interrelated by cause and effect. The result of one movement led to the need for the next, this makes the events deeply connected. 


The Renaissance the revival of Classical Art, Literature, and philosophical thinking into Europe which inevitably resulted in the increasingly popular notion of Humanism. Humanism is the system of thought centered around the prime importance of the human, rather than divine or supernatural matters. This assisted in the ignition of the Protestant Reformation, in that it drew focus away from the obsession with the church and allowed more freedom of thought. Resulting of this freedom was the realization of the churches severe corruption. One man went forth and allegedly nailed 95 thesis exhibiting how the Church is flawed, this man was Martin Luther. This original act of rebellion caused a division in the Church, and with only human nature to blame, persecution began. In order to avoid persecution, many people fled discover

Paragraph 1 (Background): 

Give information on each movement, specific examples. 
Renaissance: Rebirth of Plato and Socrates, specific literature and art. Humanism, more aspects of it.
Protestant Reformation: which specific sects were in conflict? How was the church corrupted?
What type of things did Martin Luther go through?
Who explored? What did they find? Where does Pizzarro come into all this?

Paragraph 2 (Explain in depth):

Why did each of these events occur? Sometimes the way to understand something is by learning its roots.
The renaissance occurred after a great economic hardship. 
The protestant reformation occurred after a movement of humanism. 
The age of exploration included the movement of people to south and meso america. 

Paragraph 3 (Prove thesis):

Explain if one of these events were to have not happened the others would not follow. 
Without the result of humanism from the renaissance the people minds would still be fogged by the churches corruption. 
 Without the persecution of protestants, the people would have had no motive to move and never would have explored (maybe much later when they needed new resources that nearby lands couldn’t supply) 


Sum up (restate thesis)
	Don’t repeat Thesis
	Say it in a different way, split into a few sentences