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In an act to maintain peace, European countries were really setting the groundwork for a war that shook the world. A triple alliance was formed in 1882 including Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. France, Great Britain, and Russia created the Triple Entente in 1907. Socialist labor movements had grown with nationalism which increased conflict and tension. Conscription was established (drafting), USA and Britan were exceptions) Russia possessed the largest army of 1.3 million men. On June 28, 1914, Arch duke Francis Ferdinand, of Austria Hungary was assassinated.

Prussia becomes Germany. Von Metternique = Austrian Foreign minister Architect of congress of vienna in 1815.

Ott von bismark German politician, architect of consolidation of Germany 1871.

Franco - Prussian War

1870 - sets Germany

Against france.

Crimean war-

Russia vs Ottoman Empire, Britain, France

Before 1914, many political leaders thought that their were more risks than benefits when fighting a war and it was not worth fighting. Their was much government propaganda which were ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause. In August 1914, almost everyone believed that the war would be over in a few weeks. Russia lost a lot of men in many battles and were almost no threat to German territory. At first Unites states attempted to remain neutral. A british ship was sunk by german forces in 1915 by the germans killing over 100 americans, but ameria does not enter the war. The entry of the united states into the war was a phycoligical boost, giving them money and war goods. Total war is a complete mobilization of resources and people. Zimmerman note was between two german officer peoples, and it said that they were going to start shooting down american ships. And we entered. War communism, included regular supplies for the Red Army. Government had complete control of banks and most industries, and seizing of grain from peasants. A war of attrition is where nobody is going for land but just killing as many enemy troops as possible.

An armistice is a truce, an agreement to end fighting. The germans gave reparations which were payments to cover the costs of the war. The treaty of Versailles was the final peace settlement of Paris which had five treaties with Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and turkey. All of the defeated nations. It was signed on June 28th 1919.