I fucking hated diff eq and refused to study for it. It's not real math. It's just rote bullshit. Well, looks like I was concerned about failing the class as a result.

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Can homework help our grade even if it’s not between a D and an F. Answer: Most likely not.

Best way to approach factoring 3rd or 4th or higher degree polynomials: look at coefficient of first and last term, and divide by common divisors (mentioned already in my notes).

How to do Undetermined coefficients for nth order. Need to look at the complex solution way. Just read the book really well. Learn how to solve them on your own. 

The stuff we were doing in class today, where is that in the book? Chapter 7.5. 

Will there be a curve on the final? Yes, if your final grade is much higher 

Curve on the final grade or final exam? 

Will you be able to accommodate extra time? Yes, will be able to. 

(out of possible points)
Average on first test: 67.5. Total was: 86. Average was 78%. 

Average on second test: 91. Average was 85%.