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What percentage of oceania is made up of proles? 
	A.	1%
	B.	85%
	C.	25%
	D.	99%

Who is the leader of the party and will always remain that way? 
	A.	Winston
	B.	Julia
	C.	Obrien
	D.	Big Brother

Which of the following consists of the three superstates? 
	A.	Saudi Arabia, Eurasia, Oceania
	B.	Eastasia, Atlantis, Oceania
	C.	Eastasia, Eurasia, Oceania
	D.	Ingsoc, Canada, Wonderland

What does the limitation of the english vocabulary achieve? (circle as many necessary)
	A.	Extinguish once and for all the possibility of independent thought 
	B.	Prevents possible connotations of words to interfere with party propaganda 
	C.	Eliminates all meaning behind words
	D.	Makes people more prone to attack from the thought police

What is the purpose of constant surveillance in Oceania? (circle as many necessary) 
	A.	Surveillance can restrict human interaction when it is known that anything you say can be used against you
	B.	It stops any outsiders from impersonating a party member
	C.	It prevents corruption of the inner party
	D.	It allows the party to always be aware of any sort of unorthodox action whether it be intentional or unintentional

B, D, C, ABC, AD