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Thank you for taking the time to be here today. I have been working on many subjects this year, Math, Science, Reading and Writing, Humanities and Spanish. In Math this year I am given a handout and I am expected to finish the handout by a certian due date. After completing the handout I have to turn the it in to the Math inbox. Then Dena (who teaches our class math) checks my math and writes comments and puts it in the Math outbox. Some of the concepts that I have learned in math this year are: the FOIL method. Which I have an example here. Multiplying Monomials, Binomials, Polynomials which I have an example here. And Graphing Linear Equations. Which I have an example here. In addition to the math handouts we are given Math minutes which we do after recess. Here is an example of a finished math minute. Science this year is in the form of labs. On Fridays we are given a lab handout, which we are to read and write a hypothesis on the purpose questions, we also make Data Tables, which we fill in during the lab we are expected to finish all this by Monday of the following week. This is an example of a finished lab. This is my lab folder, which I find very helpful in writing a lab; it includes a lab checklist, which shows what needs to be included in the lab. And it contains an example of a Data Analysis, which Michelle typed up for everyone to use to write a complete data analysis and that has helped me a lot in writing a complete lab. During the lab we are given a lab partner. We work together to perform the lab and write our labs separately. At the end of the lab we answer the questions to consider. Once we have completed the lab we turn it in at the Science inbox. In reading and writing this year we have been given a poem or a short story by peter to read and then share our likes and or dislikes of the poem or story. Due every week is draft work, which is three poems or two pages of prose. This is my reading folder were I keep all of the poem handouts and short story handouts. And this is my Writing folder where I keep everything I have ever written. I also have a dialogue journal