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Preparation for English Quiz

Starts with the witches. Hectare is there, too. She’s like a weird spirit god. She compliments them on their work. 
Macbeth enters. He asks them to tell him more of his prophecies. 
They do so in a really witchy way: they have a cauldron in front of them and they shit like “eye of newt and toe of frog” and they go on with a really disgusting list. 
They have what’s called an apparition come from the cauldron. They have three come up. 
They each tell macbeth one prediction. 
A floating head with a helmet on tells him to beware Macduff. Macbeth says he anticipated that
A bloody child says “none a woman born shall harm macbeth” 
Then, a crowned child holding a tree says he is safe until birnam wood moves to dunsinane hill
A procession of eight crowned kings walks by, the last carrying a mirror. 
Banquo’s ghost is at the end of the line. 
Macbeth wants to know wtf just happened but the witches dance and disappear. 
Lennox tells macbeth that macduff fled to england. 
Macbeth tells murderers to kill macduff’s kids and wife. 


At macduff’s castle. lady macduff gets mad at Ross asking why macduff fled. 
Ross tells her that she should have faith in macduff. 
lady macduff then tells her son that macduff is dead. the son says ‘no’. 
Then, some messenger comes in tells lady that she is in trouble and needs to run. 
lady says she didn’t do anything. the murderers macbeth sent then enter and say bad things about macduff. 
The son calls the murderer a liar. The murderer stabs the boy! lady runs and the murderers chase her. 


In england, some king that macduff went to to escape this totally crazy place. 
Some guy says he doesn’t trust macduff because macduff ditched his family. 
He thinks he could be working for macbeth secretly. 
To determine if he’s legit, the guy (malcolm) talks about all the bad stuff he’s done. 
He talks about how he doesn’t know if he can be king. 
At first, macduff says that he’s wrong and he will be a good king. 
But, then he cries out “O Scotland, Scotland!”. This showed malcolm 
that macduff was loyal to scotland. He passes malcolm’s little test. 
Malcolm says he was lying about that stuff. He says macduff is an ally. 
Some doctor guy rolls in and says “a crew of wretched souls” waits for king edward. 
Malcolm tells macduff that edward can cure any disease. 

Ross enters after leaving scotland and tells macduff that his wife and children are well. lies
He tells malcolm to go back to scotland because bad shit happened since macbeth took control
Malcolm says he’ll come back with ten thousands troops that the english king lent him. 
Then Ross tells macduff that macbeth killed his wife and children.
Macduff gets really sad. 
Malcolm says to turn that frown into an angry face and get revenge on macbeth. 

Macduff shows that manhood comprises more than aggression and murder; allowing oneself to be sensitive and to feel grief is also necessa

macduff’s ma had a c-section

Questions: Who is King Edward? Is he the king of england? Yes.

Who is malcolm? He’s a future king of scotland?  Where does macbeth live? Yes, malcolm is duncan’s son.