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Prehistory - Before Writing 

Learn about history before writing: 

Archaeology - Study of artifacts and fossils 
Dating: Fossil record to put things in order & Carbon dating 

Anthropologists - Study of people, interpret data from Archaeology 

Charles Darwin - 1859 “Origin of Species” First outlined his theory of evolution, first proposed the “Out of Africa” Thesis (We can support this theory with evidence of human/ape). 

(hominids) 3-4 Million years - Southern ape or australopithecines 
1.5 Million years ago - Homoerectus
250,000 years ago - Homosapien sapiens 
50,000 years ago - Neanderthals  only in Europe 

Over a thousands of years they spread out, 5 miles a generation 

Early humans - hunters and gathers - nomads (freemen 
Paleolithic Era- Old stone age 

9,000-8,000 B.C. - Neolithic Era
		         New stone Age 

Neolithic Revolution/Agricultural Revolution happened between 9,000-8,000 B.C. It was the invention of systematic agriculture and the domestication of animals. Changed everything, started to own things. 

My question: “How is it possible that all these major inventions and discoveries happened near the same time if each society had no communication with each other?” 

B.C.E. - Before the Common Era
C.E. - Common Era