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I’m sorry to inform you that this is a very sad story; it begins with a man, who is forced
to move out of his house when he was only longer than time itself. He would wander
around not looking for something to do when suddenly he came across a large shoe store.
He found the shoes that appealed him most they were bright yellow with little rainbows
on the side. He asked the store clerk how much they were “Well how much ya got?” the
clerk replied. Mr. Sheldon replied “well I have thirty two thousand dollars and the deed
to my parents house, is that enough?” “Ok I think I can let it go for that much”
unfortunately for Igor in his childhood he was very smart but right after he won the
spelling bee he was scratching the rash on his back and he was it by a bus. Both his arms
were dislocated and pushed into their sockets so much that they were impossible to pull
out so his arms were expectantly short. A few years later he was punched in the stomach
by a kid making fun of his short arms and the kid punched him so hard that from then on
he has always had a huge hump on his back. From then on he gave up at school and dug a
large hole in his backyard and sat in it for three days straight thinking that he would be
abducted by aliens. Little did he know he would be abducted by the mole people. He
found a new family and decided to live with them. So to sum up he has short arms, a
large hump on his back, he’s expectantly stupid and unfortunately for him he still has that
rash on his hump. So he bought a pair of shoes for thirty two thousand dollars and a deed
to his parent’s house.