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With the defeat of the Royalists, & death of king 

Note about the Religious warfare in Europe. 
People in Power are fighting for political reasons people fighting for Religious reasons. 

1649 - Abolish the Monarchy 

Oliver Cromwell becomes England's first P.M.

1649 - 1658 - No Monarchy, Ruled by Parliament

Cromwell goes crazy - becomes a military dictator.
Disbands the parliament - Chaos ensues. 
When Cromwell dies in 1658 Charles the second is invited to come back and be king. 

1658 - 1688 
Tension between parliament & king

Because the parliament has more power, king is still necessary for stability. 
Religion is still an issue.
1680’s - James 2nd comes to the throne and he is Catholic. Causes conflict with parliament, James 2nd is old, has no Son. But in 1688 his young wife gives birth to a son. 

Glorious revolution, 1688 
Totally peaceful